Our Story

Nurture is a kitchen and café run by GROW Women Leaders, where you are able to purchase healthy and affordable meals. We focus on preparing meals that nurture the body and make the task of eating healthy simple, easy, and delicious for all. 

Our highly skilled Nurture team, composed of Red Seal Chefs, nutrition experts, line prep cooks, and aspiring minority women entrepreneurs, expertly prepare each meal so that you can have a fresh and healthy meal without compromising taste and variety. We are passionate about buying top quality ingredients, and locally sourced products when available so our customers can get maximum freshness, taste, and the most health benefits from every ingredient.


Nurture Meal Preparation 

Nurture is the host to a meal preparation initiative which features dishes from aspiring minority and immigrant women entrepreneurs in our menu. These women have been affected by the pandemic and they have a background in hospitality.


This initiative is an opportunity for them to come into our kitchen, work alongside our Red Seal Chef Nurture team to prepare and sell their dishes, as well as develop their skills. 

​Proceeds from the featured dishes will directly go towards helping these women develop, advance, and turn ideas into a reality.

Green Plant


Support . Encourage . Empower . Develop

At GROW, we are passionate about helping others access new opportunities while abiding by our principles of S.E.E.D

GROW has had the pleasure of aiding women, especially immigrants and minorities, with life changing creative ideas and opportunities. ​We aim to help women, transcend and reach their full potential through personal development, leadership, civic engagement, and entrepreneurship. Nurture is a vehicle under this initiative to support, train, and develop these women. 

The ongoing support we provide at GROW, is critical in helping emerging leaders in business and play a critical role in developing and advancing entrepreneurship among women, especially immigrants and minorities.