• The Academy is an innovative learning centre at GROW that delivers training for women to take leadership in entrepreneurship, civic engagement, and employment careers.
  • Training is based on flexibility, mentorship, retreats, summit, onsite and online support.

We know any woman wanting to aim higher and get into leadership would most likely benefit from some mentorship from a senior manager. Similarly, an aspiring community organizer would certainly benefit from civic leaders’ hands-on knowledge and experience. 


We also know that when women are passionate and ambitious, collaborating in one space, growth is inevitable. That’s our belief at GROW and the reason we run the Academy Program. We offer a combination of training, consulting, industry partnering recruiting, in-person and online support to help women to grow into leaders. 


We have partnerships with business, industry, academic, and civic leaders, some of them have participated at GROW.  Our curriculum has an emphasis not only on women, but an added awareness of inclusion, diversity, and best practices for a modern world. 


Participants can choose their career development from:

The main goal upon completion is participants become women leaders in their chosen areas in life.

A woman entrepreneur is equipped with skills not only on how to start a business but also, how to maintain and grow it. 

Civic engagement participants gain awareness of the techniques needed to effectively organize and connect with people in the community.


GROW will continuously assist them through our other programs to drive their passion into reality so they effectively make a difference in their respective communities. Participants seeking gainful employment come out with managerial and supervisory skills needed to lead in their chosen profession. 


Our dynamic curriculum is always evolving, in real-time, as societal factors and technology change, so no woman is left behind. This innovative Academy is modeled around mentorship, collaborations, and partnerships.



  1. Ability to start, maintain and grow a business 

  2. Business training

  3. Access to GROW support

  4. Long term career and professional development


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  1. Matched work placements with GROW partner companies and organizations

  2. Network with employers 

  3. Access to GROW support

  4. Long term career and professional development


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Civic Engagement 

  1. Understanding the requirements and techniques for successful public office

  2. Knowledge of the political and social terrain of civic leadership in Alberta and Canada

  3. Access to GROW support

  4. Long term career and professional development

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Dynamic Curriculum

Our program content is based on real-life situations that women face. It is how we train, building, and drawing from real-life experiences of women, meeting them right where they are. Our dynamic curriculum is always evolving in real-time as societal factors and technology change. 

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