We are working hard on developing a training platform that will help women  achieve their life and professional goals and enhance their business skills . 

Grow Women Leaders was founded in 2017 by highly successful female social entrepreneurs in Edmonton, AB as the world's first women’s development and advancement training platform with soon to open integrated communal co-creative space, intentionally structured to focused on increasing authentic diversity, equity & inclusion in the leadership, entrepreneurship startup and venture ecosystem. Today, GROW Women Leaders is the leading leadership, employment, startup and venture ecosystem building platform designed to ensure that women, everywhere is equitably represented and included in the future of work, 4th industrial revolution and beyond as a path to multi-generational wealth creation with no reliance on pre-existing multi-generational wealth. 


Starting June 2020, GROW Women Leaders will be launching GROWTalks Series to build a thriving leadership, entrepreneurship, and investment ecosystem which ensure that women, everywhere in Edmonton and beyond have access to the leadership, startup and venture ecosystem as a path to ensure genders equity in the future of work and 4th industrial revolution. The first step is to build an equitable community of like minded people committed to learn, engage and invest together. Simultaneously, we are launching our entrepreneurship support programming. Next we will introduce our hospitality employment training program to prepare an employable inclusive workforce throughout the region in hotels, restaurants and cafes 


We welcome your application for membership into GROW Women Leaders Community 


Together, we will be closing the wealth, gender inequality gap and poverty faced by women. 


Welcome to the ecosystem!

Do you want to be apart of a growing community of high growth startups, leaders, investors, ecosystem builders, skilled future of work professionals, seasoned executives, policy makers, academics and affluent stakeholders committed to building leadership, employment, startup & venture for all - all committed to building wealth? 

Membership to Grow Women Leaders is currently complimentary until the lounge launches. Anyone ages 18 or older can join. Please only join if you seriously want to be in the leadership, startup and venture ecosystem as a path to multi-generational wealth creation. Membership is required to access our hospitality, entrepreneurship support and accelerator programming. 

Thank you for your interest in joining GROW Women Leaders Academy and applying to our entrepreneurship support programs. Let's begin by learning more about who you are and how you would like to be identified.

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