• GROW helps women new to Canada, and other professionals get their dream job, quicker and easier by training and continuously support
  • Employers partner with us, for inclusive and diverse workplaces
  • GROW is now licensed by the Government of Alberta as a provider of recruitment and job placement services

GROW has developed a training program aimed at solving the persistent workplace issues facing professional women of colour, particularly immigrants in Canada. Canadian Career Plus Program™ (CC+P) is professional training meant to address the needs of both the employer and the employee at the same time. Supported by NAIT, mentors, experts, and other partners, it’s geared towards entry-level supervisory and managerial roles in a Canadian workplace, with immigrant women and Black Indigenous People of Colour (BIPoC) in mind. It’s a pathway to any industry, business, and civic participation in the country. 

For Employers

Even with the best intentions for diversity and inclusion, it can be hard for companies to attract the right kind of workforce. But what’s certain is the urgent need for diversity and inclusion especially of minorities. It’s the future of work and business. And that’s what GROW Women Leaders was built on.


GROW will find, train and support women professionals so they are fit for the Canadian careers. We will continuously support these women after training to ensure staff retention. Better workplaces for the future are possible with partnering and participation of all sectors of the economy. Trust in us, it’s our mandate to build women in leadership. 

Job Seekers

It’s time to retool, retrain and upskill. CC+P ensures you get trained for the Canadian workplace, find hidden jobs, and get networked to your desired profession. You have the full support of GROW through training, mentoring, access to our platform.


The GROW platform is an ecosystem that encompasses the Academy, co-creative space, recruitment and placement, and exclusive events. Under GROW you are going to get continuous support to ensure success in whatever career you may choose. That’s why CC+P is unique. 

CC+P can further lead to GROW's 3 main pathways:

Entrepreneurship, Employment, or Civic Engagement


While Canada celebrates multiculturalism, immigrant women still face systemic barriers: recognition of their credentials, language, culture and family dynamics that ultimately affects their economic security. More often than not they end up settling for lower jobs beneath their full potential. All GROW events, symposia, and book publishing highlighted these challenges.


Experts around the world are warning of a “winner-take-all economy,” where high-skilled workers are rewarded with high pay, and the rest of the workforce is left behind.  The Globe and Mail explains that “this challenge cannot be solved by one person, one company, one organization or one government. Reskilling and upskilling for the future will require collaboration between private, public and non-profit organizations.”


Alberta data has shown that racialized individuals are more than twice as likely to be in poverty compared to their non-racialized counterparts. Racialized workers are also more likely to be unemployed or low income (9.3% vs 8.2% as of 2016). This is despite racialized workers being more active in the labour force.  


GROW Women Leaders is an innovative platform to empower women through their development and advancement so they grow forth in leadership and entrepreneurship. This means harnessing varying talents of all women: entrepreneurs, innovators, academics, business executives, civic leaders, or those seeking gainful employment. 


GROW is a platform for women that is supported by all. All sectors need to work together to encourage women leadership. That's why CC+P was created.


Canadian Career Plus Program™ is a innovative program meant to jumpstart women into entry-level supervisory and managerial roles in Canadian workplaces.

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