CC+P Civic Engagment & GROWHer PROGRAM

Civic Engagement Training




  • 6-month program

  • Political office mentoring

  • Community development

  • Online or inclass 

Civic engagement participants gain awareness of the techniques needed to effectively organize and connect with people in the community.


GROW will continuously assist them through our other programs to drive their passion into reality so they effectively make a difference in their respective communities.

GROWHer is a 6-month program, connected in between virtually with weekly calls, attending monthly GROWTalks, Summit, independent projects and required reading

Every GROWHer cohort is carefully & meaningful curated to deliver every information and training women need in order to succeed in civic engagement

Our GROWHer programs are designed to support female candidates in developing their leadership skills in growing their specialized skills to keep current in today's changing and competitive civic engagement

We offer courses and training workshops in the following fields:
1. Becoming a Political candidate
2. Community Development
3. Diversity and Inclusion
Programs Next Starting Date: June 31st 2021.