Hire Back Better

Promoting Equity in Employment & Economic Recovery 



GROW Women Leaders
Hire Back Better 
for a Diverse Economic Recovery 

Through this campaign, we are bringing diversity and equality awareness to the public and to hiring managers to "Hire Back Better” and how our Canadian Career Plus Program (CC+P) create employment equitables among minorities and immigrant communities through connecting educated women, especially immigrant women to companies 


After embarking on PROJECT150 for the past four years, we have discovered that minorities and immigrant women are disproportionately underemployed or unemployed in the Canadian  workforce. We feel that in other to have a more inclusive economic recovery post pandemic, employers must learn to hire back better


Stats and Data show that...

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Furthermore, among those who hold degrees in Canada 53% of them are women, but only 25% hold Vice President titles and 15% are CEOs. Visible minority women experience an intersectionality of gender and race that contribute to inequality in the workforce. If the woman is an immigrant, this is an additional barrier that limits their ability to work in the Canadian workforce. Discrimination is experienced by 21% of visible minority women and 33% of them are less likely to get a job matched with their education. This proportion has since increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


GROW provides women, especially underrepresented minorities and immigrants with the opportunities needed to succeed in Canada’s workforce, by connecting them with economic opportunities through job matching, training, and on-going support. Since our company started, GROW has built a diverse top talent pool in Canada where we are successfully supporting and connecting many qualified women with various partner organizations and companies.