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Canadian Career Plus: Hospitality


Tracy Barry


Founder & CEO of GROW Women Leaders


Guest Instructor

President & Owner of Rig Hand Distillery

Hospitality Webinar

Start time: 12-1pm (Mountain Time)
Start Date: August 19th
Duration:   1 hour



At our Masterclasses, we feature leaders from various businesses and organizations to share their experiences to encourage and inspire those looking to become entrepreneurs and professionals in the hospitality industry. By sharing and teaching through this masterclass, leaders can empower a new generation of women leaders based on their previous experiences as an aspiring leader, create representation in ethno-cultural communities, and help those who struggle in starting a business or climbing up in their corporate career. 

Without a doubt, these instructors acquired knowledge and experience is a great benefit. For participants looking to become a leader within this industry someday come and hear of ; the challenges, successes, hidden opportunities, and accomplishments our speakers have encountered as a leader. In turn, this can help you secure a rewarding career in the hospitality industry.

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Kirsha Campbell, CPA Accountant

As a result of GROW women are being equipped with the resources to help us overcome the challenges that we face as immigrant women, black immigrant women , and minorities as well (… )It gives us hope that it is not a bleak future, there will be change.

Odion Welch, Entrepeneur & Advocate

 There is now somebody (GROW)  to support the next generation and give me everything that I wish I had on my work journey, so I could hopefully be where I am, but 10 years younger

Kay Shultz, Alignment Coach

GROW means opportunity not just for jobs but to expand our minds, that there are jobs out there and they are available to us and we should go for them. Not thinking that they are not available to us just because they are male dominated.

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