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Supporting NURTURE Kitchen & Café , supports the unemployed minority and immigrant women in our community get training and get hired  into hospitality careers

When you order meals from NURTURE Kitchen & Café you are directly helping women get hired and advance their career 



How our Nurture Meal Preparation Service Works

1. Order Process

You can order individual meals or bulk proteins, carbs and greens.

For individual meals, you can order one time,  1 week of meals , or 4 weeks of meals. The 4 week plan offers a 5% discount. You can also subscribe to a weekly plan. The subscription option offers a 5% discount as well.


It’s easy! You can order meals one time, select a weekly subscription plan, or a monthly plan. We guarantee we will prepare you a delicious and healthy meal!​


Delivery is a flat rate of $3.50 within Edmonton and metropolitan area. For those with a subscription and new customers, we deliver your meals once a week on Saturday. For pick-up orders you can come to the Orange Hub (10059-156 St. Edmonton Alberta) on Thursdays. For both delivery and pick-up online orders, the cut off order date is Tuesday at 11:59pm to get meals the same week.


Customers may walk in on any weekday to our lounge and purchase from our storefront. Note that the storefront menu availability may be limited to  what we have left on hand that day or week. 


*You will receive a text once you submit your order. If you do not receive a confirmation text immediately do not be alarmed. We have received your order and will contact you as soon as we are available.*


Eat your meal fresh or store your meal to enjoy! Nurture makes eating healthy easy, affordable and delicious!

The Social Impact

Nurture is a Kitchen & Café and meal preparation initiative with a social enterprise component. We help minority and immigrant women develop skills and gain access to employment. This initiative is an opportunity for these women to come into our kitchen, to utilize our space, to work alongside the Red Seal Chef Nurture team, and learn operations. It is a unique and impactful way to develop their skills in a supportive and enriching  environment. 

​Proceeds from Nurture directly go towards helping these women get hired and stay hired.