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Net proceeds support growfoundation

  • Nurture is a segment program under GROW Women Leaders to directly invest in women, especially minorities. We mainly hire and train immigrant and BIWoC  women to give them opportunities within the food industry.

  • Immigrants and BIWoC women are hired at NURTURE, trained and paid a livable wage for a period of minimum of 6 months 

  • While in the NURTURE Program women training is customized to their needs in the area of career development, be it for entrepreneurship or professional hospitality career development 

  • Through this commitment, we will find talent and train based on criteria for the food industry, and will be committed to helping women bring ideas in entrepreneurship to fuitation. This not only benefits them but the community as a whole resulting in economic growth.

  • We work together with women to showcase featured meals that are influenced by a variety of cultures and countries. 

  • Employers in food and hospital industry have the option to  tap into our diverse pool of trained women via access women leaders 

  • As the number of meals bought increases, this creates more job opportunities for immigrant women.

How it Works