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  • Recruiting for diverse, untapped labor pools

  • Making well matched placements between employees and positions

  • Access to ongoing training and professional development

  • Focus on long term employment and career development

Employers, recruit from our list of talented women leaders


Even with good intentions, companies committed to employing women, or implementing diversity and inclusion often find it hard to attract the right candidates with qualities befitting their organizational culture. 

GROW Women Leaders is a platform and network of diverse innovative women, some possessing international work experience. We work for women empowerment, diversity, and inclusion. More often than not, GROW participants are women who have contributed immensely to the Canadian society as executives, entrepreneurs, academics, civic leaders, etc.

Our partner consultants understand that there can’t be any shortcuts to match labor to industry. They understand the talent and expertise within the multicultural context of Canada. They are experts in best labor practices, recruitment assessments, industry analysis, and cultural awareness, among others.

Most Grow Women Leaders employment training programs are eligible for funding through the soft skills stream of the Government of Canada's Employer Training Grant here






















To help build women in leadership GROW has developed employment training, recruitment/placement and mentorship programs. We are currently focused on the hospitality industry, and hopefully, expand to other industries in the future. Employment opportunities will be restricted to the hospitality industry, in general, specifically large hotels (those with more than 50 rooms), restaurant chains, recreation, resorts, and airports. Our focus is mid-senior level management in hoteling, catering, restaurant, and event management, among others.


By restricting the employment opportunities to this industry, GROW can provide focused training that is tailored to employer’s specifications and leads directly to employment. The range of training will vary with the type of position, allowing for a number of positions to be filled, and creating a path for career advancement rather than a dead-end job.  The approach is rooted in responding to industry “pain” – addressing the key factors that make it difficult for hotels to recruit and retain qualified staff. Instead of going “wide”, the approach will go “deep” and establish recruitment relationships with a number of key hotel industry partners.