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GROW is a unique empowerment platform dedicated to women development and advancement. We believe when woman come together, to collaborate, great things will be achieved. 

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Training for women  in Entrepreneurship, Employment, Civic Engagement.


The Academy is an innovative learning centre at GROW that delivers training for women to take leadership in entrepreneurship, civic engagement, and employment careers. This training is based on flexibility, mentorship, retreats, summit, onsite and online support.

The Canadian Career Plus Program (CC+P™)

GROW has developed a training program aimed at solving the persistent workplace issues facing professional women of colour, particularly immigrants in Canada. Canadian Career Plus Program (CC+P) is professional training meant to address the needs of both the employer and the employee at the same time.


Supported by NAIT, mentors, experts, and other partners, it’s geared towards entry-level supervisory and managerial roles in a Canadian workplace, with immigrant women, Black Indigenous People of Colour (BIPoC) in mind. It’s a pathway to any industry, business, and civic participation with the country. This is a base flagship training needed to accelerate a woman into professional leadership. Thereafter, they can go further into our specialized entrepreneurship, employment, and civic engagement specializations, that are open to anyone. *Scholarships available for eligible applicants.

Participants can choose their career development from the following streams:
  • Business
  • Professional Step-up
  • Civic Leadership
  • Immigrant Women
  • Industry specific training
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GROW Women Leaders Search



Recruit from our list of talented women leaders at GROW


Even with good intentions, companies committed to employing women, or implementing diversity and inclusion often find it hard to attract the right candidates with qualities befitting their organizational culture. 

GROW Women Leaders is a platform and network of diverse innovative women, some possessing international work experience. We work for women empowerment, diversity, and inclusion. More often than not, GROW participants are women who have contributed immensely to the Canadian society as executives, entrepreneurs, academics, civic leaders, etc.

Our partner consultants understand that there can’t be any shortcuts to match labor to industry. They understand the talent and expertise within the multicultural context of Canada. They are experts in best labor practices, recruitment assessments, industry analysis, and cultural awareness, among others.

Most Grow Women Leaders employment training programs are eligible for funding through the soft skills stream of the Government of Canada's Employer Training Grant click here.

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Get professional advice from mentors


As women, we often carry lots of noble aspirations but the road to realizing our dreams can be lonely and hard, for one reason or another. Inaccessibility of information or lack of the right networks can stand in the way of purpose. It's all too common. 


GROW Women Leaders is a platform for such women. We offer consultation and counseling to enable you to realize your dreams goals in areas of business, community leadership, or employment. We use our networks to funnel your interests in the right place.

Counseling and Advice: We provide assistance with topics around women's development and advancement. 

Consulting Services: We help women with projects like marketing plans, feasibility studies, scaling up, or investment attraction strategies. 

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When women find a space to collaborate, great things happen


Finding a dedicated space to meet like minded people can be very hard. Grow Co-Creative Space is that dream space. The GROW Co-Creative Space is a unique meeting space that goes beyond the traditional, designed specifically for women. We believe that the act of coming together as women creates new opportunities, ideas and conversations that will lead to greater prosperity. It’s a communal, safe space that enables women to meet, collaborate, and network while being supported by Grow Women Leaders. A community of women are trained and coached to develop and sustain their skills. 

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GWL 2.0

Fully supported online academy and community


Life can be busy, and get in the way of goals 

Life can be busy and definitely, responsibilities get in the way of passion. Not being able to pursue courses at our location shouldn’t stop your dream of becoming a woman leader.  


GROW Women Leader online platform offers a collaborative and innovative space, where women learn in their own free time. The courses aim to transform women’s lives by building new skills to equip women in business, employment or civic engagement to lead.  


At your own pace and time, our online platform gives you access to top women leaders, consultants, coaches and mentors. Participants get all the support they need, as and when they need it, in a timeous fashion.