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Alysia Lok

Founder and creator of Caramunchies 

Alysia Lok is the founder and creator of the super addictive Caramunchies. A graduate from the University of Alberta in Nutrition and Food Science, she uses her technical background and curiosity in experimenting with new flavours to bring Caramunchies to the next level. Alysia worked in finance for five years, but has realised her true passion and love for all things delicious and sweet in Caramunchies. When Alysia isn’t cooking, she is listening to true crime podcasts, playing with her cat, and dominating anyone who tries to challenge her at Mario Kart!

Alysia's Story

I grew up in a big family that loves to cook and share meals together with a dad who’s been in the Edmonton food industry as far back as I can remember!

My happiest memories are from family dinners at my grandma’s house where everyone would help cook together then we would all sit at the round dining table to enjoy the homemade food together. They would always be dinners full of laughs and everyone talking over each other.

Because of this, food has become my love language. Whenever there is something to celebrate, I’ll invite people over for dinner or go out for a meal together. If someone isn’t feeling well, I’ll bring them some goodies to cheer them up. I started Caramunchies to bring this love of food to all those around me!

One of our goals since we started Caramunchies was to use funds generated from our business to give back to the community.

Food is a source of comfort for me, so it’s heartbreaking to know that there’s so many people in our city who don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

While I was a student, I volunteered with my parents at a local soup kitchen called the Marian Centre and the experience really stuck with me. Instead of just donating money, we've started a Hot Lunch Program where we buy ingredients through our business proceeds, gather a team of volunteers through all the awesome people we've met running Caramunchies and provide a hot and nutritious lunch for people in need through the Marian Centre. 

We use 5% of all our profits for this program, and we even successfully funded a crowdfunding campaign and raised $2,800 towards providing hot lunches to people in need!

Visit Caramunchies website for more information and to order these tasty treats!