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GROW Women Leaders is a leading development and advancement training Academy created for female founders, innovator, manager, executive, entrepreneur and CEO of the future. With our growing community and a unique learning model, women are provided with the opportunities, tools & resources required to grow in leadership and within the entrepreneurial field by using mentorship, hands on and real life project to learn skills required to LEAD!

Our aim is to grow women leaders in areas that are under represented by women.


Our goals are achieved through training, co-creative, collaborative space, informative events, and many other tools and resources available - to change lives.

Dynamic Curriculum

Our program content is based on real life situations that women face. It is how we train, building and drawing from real life experiences of women, meeting them right where they are. Our dynamic curiculum is always evolving in real-time as societal factors and technology change. This gives women the opportunity to evolve from any giving stuation, coming out strong and fit... "We turn empowerment into an adventure".

Integrated Co-working; The Women Leaders Lounges

Our academy facility makes it possible for women to grow business because we have a communal space that allows women to co-create and collaborate, thus enabling them to Grow venture. The Lounge serves as a hub where a community of women are trained and coached to develop and sustain their leadership skills, all while receiving the support they require to GROW in their entrepreneurial and personal developmental journey.

In our lounge, you will meet an impressive array of professional specialists, each with the intention of contributing to each woman's growth.

To ensure our mission, we have forged partnerships with experts team of specialists, marketing, founders, CEO, COO and more. These experts will also be present to share their wisdom through informal education, mentorship, training and lectures.

Grow Women Leaders Lounge: Co-working space is a collaborative and innovative space with featured amenities hat will Support women's growth in entrepreneurship and leadership.

  • Gradual Rising of Women (GROW) Foundation Founded 2017

  • Under which Tracy Barry an immigrant and mother of 5, after having her fair share of struggle; created Project 150: Untold Stories of Immigrants 2017

  • Interviewed and collected stories from more than 200 successful women leaders across Canada. So it can be used to inspire others 2017-2018

  • Project 150: Untold Stories of Immigrant Women in Canada Book launch 2018

  • Through Project 150; missing gaps in women's empowerment and leadership development identified 2018

  • GROW Women Leaders; building women in leadership initiative began in 2019

  • Women-focused mentoring training Academy with integrated co-working launched 2020

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