GROW Women Leaders is a leading development and advancement training platform with soon to open co-creative space created for female founders, managers, executives, politician, entrepreneurs and CEOs of the future. With our growing community, and a unique learning model, women are provided with the opportunities, tools & resources required to grow in leadership and within the entrepreneurial field by using mentorship, hands on and real life project to learn skills required to LEAD!


We  also partner with organizations to help train, screen, prepare, and retain diverse talent that lead them. Through our training and recruiting firm, companies are able to tap into untapped labour pools. making well matched diverse placements between employees and positions.


Creating a worldwide movement that empowers and advances local marginalized women’s cultural, economic, social and civic engagements. 


"Building Women in Leadership"

Providing a platform to empower women through their development and advancement, therefore, creating decent work and sustainable economic growth to reduce inequality while growing forward in leadership. 



We SEED (Support, Encourage, Empower and Develop) aspiring women leaders, one woman at a time by giving them a platform where they can grow forward”.



We support women to rise to higher heights in every aspect of life by implementing practical efforts such as training, recruitment  and space for leadership entrepreneurship advancement.  



We encourage women to live full, confident, and bold lives while making a positive leadership impact within their communities and the world as a whole. We facilitate this by providing well-curated programs, as well as creating and nurturing healthy professional networks of valuable connections.



We empower women so they can gain the self-confidence they require to contribute to their community and the advancement of their career ventures. We facilitate this through professional coaching, consulting, training, networking, and publishing.



We develop women so they recognize their potential to close gaps of inequality. We facilitate this through personal, employment, entrepreneurship, and civic engagement development.


Gradual Rising of Women (GROW) founded


Gradual Rising of Women  (GROW) is formed by Tracy Barry Folorunsho, a Nigerian-born Canadian.


Tracy came to Canada from a poor background and all she dreamt of upon landing in Canada was to get married and have kids. Later, she decided to change her life and find her true purpose in life and started going to school and being productive.


That's when she learned that her struggle as a mother of five kids was a common story among many immigrant women and decided to create an inclusive platform for women to share their stories of struggles and successes in Canada 

Project 150


Project 150: Untold Stories of Immigrants was launched.  ​

Through Project 150, interviews and stories were collected from more than 200 women across Canada who overcame adversities to become successful immigrant women. The stories were used to inspire thousands of other women across the country through the following activities:

  • Speakers Women Series: 

  • Cultural Award Night: a yearly event with speakers and awards given to outstanding women in various areas and vocation

  • Book Publishing: Project 150: Untold Stories Of Immigrant Women in Canada: Challenges, Successes & Accomplishments was published by GROW 



Grow Women Leaders Summit launched. Now a popular yearly even

Women in the City

GROW Workshops (personal development)

GROW Women Leaders Initiative

Academy Planning

Research and Planning


GROW Women Leaders Initiative.

Collation of research data for new programming and services.

GROWTalks launched



Full launch of Grow Women Leaders services and courses

  • The Academy (Entrepreneurship, Employment & Civic Engagement training)

  • Recruitment- Women Leaders Search for employers 

  • Consulting and Counselling Services 

  • Co-Creative Space

  • Leadership & Entrepreneurship Online Support program


Tracy Folorunsho-Barry, is an author, founder and CEO of Grow Women Leaders Global Inc. & Grow Foundation.

Tracy Barry is a multi-award-winning leading women empowerment expert with a global clientele who has experienced how intentional leadership development increases engagement, accelerates career achievements, and drives business results. After freeing herself from a limited lifestyle as a struggling immigrant woman, Tracy became dedicated to helping other women reach full potential and take their business and professional dreams to the next level. Through Grow Women Leaders a development and advancement women empowerment platform which is a combination of women-focused training and recruiting firm. Tracy is helping to transform women especially minority women by equipping them with skills, tools and resources they need to lead in business, corporate and personal lives.

In addition to her achievements, Tracy is a certified and qualified health and wellness expert with over 10 years of community and development services experience, with earned post graduate degree in Psychosocial Rehabilitation in Mental Health (CPSR) from Humber College


For providing leadership, consultation and coaching sessions for women, Tracy has been covered by several media outlets, like CTV, Metro News, Roger Radio, CBC Radio, Global News, CBC TV and Radio, NAIT News, NET Radio, Vancouver Radio and CJSR Radio, among others. She has a deep love and passion for helping others succeed in life.

If you are looking to bring a speaker and consultant to your organization that can engage and empower your audience with dynamic energy and polished execution then you are in the right place!

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