Who we are

At GROW Women Leaders, we believe in the power of diversity. The future of work is more diverse – that's a fact! There's an untapped talent pool within the immigrant and BIWoC community that is dedicated, committed, and productive.

We're creating a future of work where no one is left behind, and all talent is utilized to its fullest potential. Forward-thinking companies recognize that diversifying their workplace brings fresh perspectives, fosters innovation, and boosts profits.

We advocate for this global movement because women are the driving force behind growth, whether it's in families, communities, or the workforce.

Hire well. Hire better.

Who we are

Our Principles

We SEED (Support, Encourage, Empower and Develop) aspiring women leaders, one woman at a time by giving them a platform where they can grow forward”.



Not only do we holistically Support women, especially immigrants and minorities in achieving their career goals by helping them get meaningfully hired, we also support employers by ensuring that their needs of a highly skilled, innovative, reliable and inclusive workforce are fully met.



We are dedicated to empowering women to achieve a harmonious balance between their careers and personal lives, enabling them to excel in their respective fields. We inspire and support women in their pursuit of success, fostering a culture of inclusivity and diversity within organizations. Our heartfelt commitment lies in ensuring that these women have the necessary resources, opportunities, and support to thrive and contribute meaningfully to their communities through professional coaching, consulting, training, networking, and publishing.



Hand in hand with our partnering employers, we encourage women to aspire to greater heights in their career and pursue leadership positions. We advocate for the hiring of highly qualified women professionals, recognizing the unique talents and perspectives they bring to the table. Through our thoughtfully designed programs and robust professional networks, we aim to create a thriving ecosystem that encourages women to embrace their full potential and make a significant impact in their communities and beyond.



In our pursuit of balancing the scale of employment one woman at a time, we have developed and advanced women's employment opportunities by crafting strategies that benefit both candidates and partner employers. Through GROW, highly qualified women secure jobs, fostering a dependable and inclusive workforce for our partners. Our co-creative hub provides continuous candidate support with training rooms, workstations, event spaces, and childcare services. Employers can confidently hire reliable and focused women professionals from our thriving community.

Our Story

GROW Women Leaders

In 2016, Our Founder Tracy F. Barry's involvement in Project 150 entailed conducting in-depth interviews and gathering stories from over 200 immigrant women in Canada. This endeavor shed light on the shared gaps and barriers faced by women, particularly immigrant and BIWoC individuals, highlighting the need for solutions. Drawing from her immigrant experiences and insights gained from Project 150, Tracy decided to dedicate her career to bridging inequalities by helping women get hired and advance their careers, while also enabling companies to diversify their workplace.


Did you know?

A significant number of highly qualified women from visible minority backgrounds struggle to find job opportunities aligned with their education. Approximately 61% encounter difficulties securing employment matching their qualifications, with a 10.2% unemployment rate for visible minorities. Additionally, 21% report discrimination during job searches.

These statistics drove our initiative, prompting further research. Project 150, which focused on immigrant women's narratives of underemployment and employment inequalities in their stories, stemmed our driving force.

Believing in the potential of these women to excel and thrive in meaningful employment. Tracy founded this social enterprise, with personal investments, GROW is forging pathways to inclusive hiring for over 25,000 individuals within our expanding database of diverse talent.

Our talent placement costs are 45-55% lower than competitors, thanks to revenue generated by our "Nurture" products and services. Find us on the GROW Talent Platform and expanding retail outlets, with online shopping available at NurtureMeals.ca.

As a member of Buy Social, we're committed to creating positive social impact through economic empowerment. Join us in building bridges to inclusive hiring and reducing turnover costs by hiring employees who stay.

Hire well and hire better.

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