What does my membership include ?

Our memberships for consumer includes access to grow lounge, online academy, discount to events, discount to additional services, products and more.

Can you list the difference/benefits between Founder and Non-Founder Members?

Our Founder Members make up the core membership of The GROW Women Leaders. As the first to apply and support the Club, they enjoyed a special membership fee offer for a limited time only.

What’s the criteria for being accepted as a Member?

At GROW our focus is to build a community that is very diverse and inclusive and therefore accept women of all ages, stages and ethnicity. We are proud to be a community for women, supported by all.

How do I pay for things?

The Lounge is cashless, so Members and guests can use all major credit cards to purchase food and drink. In the near future, GROW will be implementing a system which will allow Members to use the card on file to purchase items.

Do members get discounts on purchases in the Lounge?

Because the Lounge is Members only and not open to the public, the prices within the Club are set. We will of course have special offers available from time to time.

Can I bring a guest? How many?

Members can visit the Club with 2 guests at any time. For larger groups, we request that Members contact reception in advance so that we can be sure that there is sufficient space.

Can men apply?

Men are not able to join as Members, but are very welcome in the Lounge as guests.

Do members have to pay for events?

GROW offers a curated cultural programme designed to develop and advance, and which includes many complementary events. For selected special event like our yearly Summit, there may be a fee for members and their guests.

How do I renew membership?

Your membership automatically renews every year via the card on profile. You can choose not to renew or to pay with a different method by contacting us at

How do I cancel my membership?

Should you make the decision to cancel your membership, we ask that you contact the membership team directly via

Why is there a joining fee?

The joining fee is a non-refundable fee which covers administration, membership packs, and induction.

Is there a discount for out of town Members?

Yes; request for information for offering an Out of Town membership

Are there quiet, free spaces in the Lounge?

The space is quite intimate and noise levels will differ on different days of the week. There are areas which lend themselves more to quiet meetings at varied times of the day, but we cannot guarantee seating.

How many office rooms are there?

There are six office rooms which can be booked in advance and seat 8-10 guests. They are also perfect for casual express booking, private office and events. For more information or to book, please contact

How big is Grow Women Leaders Lounge?

GROW is an open concept and approximately 6,000 square feet across all floors.

What do you charge for the office rooms?

Prices start at $70 per hour, private room rental $800. With this option, GROW offers a great value that help you grow your business. Ask for details

Can I bring children?

The lounge will offer specific events for children on Saturdays, but in general the Lounge is over 18’s only.

Can I bring animals?

Unfortunately, we do not currently allow pets.

Can I use my mobile phone?

Phone calls are permitted on the ground floor and in the cafeteria and cocktail bar.

Can I smoke in the Club?

Smoking is not permitted in the Lounge.

Is there event space?

Yes there is event space for hire. The rates differ based on time, date and room.

How does the cafe and kitchen service work?

Yes or cafe called Nurture Cafe by Grow is open to public. We offer take out, to go options.

What does the events calendar look like?

Developed with the working woman in mind, GROW curated programme of events is designed to inspire and delight, featuring an array of networking opportunities, world-class performers, speakers, specialists and creatives from around the world.

What are the opening hours?

Opening hours are: Monday to Friday 7am to 11pm and Saturday from 10am to 6pm. On Sundays the Lounge is available for private hire only.

What is the exact address of the Lounge?

10045 156 NW, Edmonton,AB T5P 2P7