A two -days summit where GROW gather top women leaders who are Leaders, entrepreneurs, to come together to inspire all to take action in becoming innovative in entrepreneurship and leadership.


We highlight women who are masters of their field. Women who have paved new roads. Women who have brought other women along the way. Women who put in the work. Women who saw a ceiling and paid it no mind. They are women to aspire from, be empowered through and just all the #goals you desire in your life! And we want to invite you to this summit of all things #womenleaders as we empower and encourage you to get to next level!


This summit is created to help women start taking positive leadership steps toward impacting the world!


Come experience a two days of action-packed enrichment, take part in informative workshops, engage in our legendary growth discussions- transparent conversation about real topics affecting today’s society. Embrace the gathering of like-minded progressive top women leaders on fire about their purpose and mission. You are in for a time to be empower, develop and advance!

Join us at our two days Grow Women Leaders Summit; Where we'll be featuring our Fearless 10 for 2019

NOV 15 & 16 2019.


Keynote Speaker

Almas Jiwani - President of Emeritus UN Women Canada NC and CEO of Almas Jiwani Foundation. She is a fiercely vocal champion for gender equality.


More speakers, along with our 2019 Fearless 10 to be announced....

Take advantage of early bird offer by bringing a friend for free. Give your friend the value of hearing from Almas Jiwani and understand how gender equality impact our lives. And how  taking action to becoming innovative as women can create change. 

One of the piece we work on at Grow Women Leaders is building the skills and competences that support effective relationship. We are building a community of empowered women who's friendship and actions will lead the world to gender parity. When you leave this event you will be able to identify opportunity to change conversation of gender parity and leadership. 


For a limited time only take advantage of early bird offer by bringing a friend for free

You will have access to our exhibition floor, roundtable and conversation sessions, talks across all of our stages.

Sign up before Sep 15 to get two tickets for $250 CAD (plus taxes)




Women Leaders in The City, sharing untold stories of successes, challenges and accomplishments in a safe space to inspire others. Grow highlights top dynamic successful women leaders , entrepreneurs, creatives, and innovator making powerful moves in local cities around the world:

• VIP Featured Guest on our Grow- The Women Leaders podcast/Show

• 50-70 People

• Nice chic intimate setting

• Events are live streamed

• Attendees all receive objectives on what they are to learn from the event


GROW has embark upon a new initiative called women leaders in the City. This initiative aims to capture the voices of accomplished top women leaders with featured highlighted edition of today’s women’s leader, accomplished immigrant women in Canada, promising Young, CEOs, Founders  and Leaders. That will help GROW to both celebrate and document their contribution to Canada and share their stories of struggles, successes and accomplishments with our community and surrounding areas. GROW believes sharing experiences such as these are critically important in helping to nurture emerging leadership and ongoing civic engagement among young women  globally.


As part of this initiative, GROW will hold various series all over Canada, starting from Alberta. We will be having Conversation Cafes with a special feature of Open Mic Conversation Cafes in the mid-day and evenings where women leaders are able to come up and share their own personal stories of struggles, successes and triumphs. This will then follow by a one on one interview by Tracy Barry.


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